Trapped and Wrapped Skills

April 2024 content release article

Trapped and wrapped skills can be great brain teasers – with these techniques you need to know what’s going over, under or around the equipment to create the correct brace, hold or lock. They can also make amazing photoshoot poses!

Our pole and hoop combo content focuses on trapped skills, while this month’s silks and sling content is all about fabric wraps. Want a little more? Check out the move variations in the bonus content section.

The teachers tip brings you the first of our band new micro tutorials from our models, sharing their tips in tricks with you in 5 minutes or less.

Just want to see the videos? Click here.

Combo content

Discipline/levelCombinationFeatured move
Pole beginnerClimb to seated knotSeated knot
Pole intermediateLow flow to sneaky v forearm standSneaky v forearm stand
Pole advancedGemini climb over to marion amber scissor variation to supermanMarion amber
Hoop beginnerSide star to candlestick cradleCandlestick cradle
Hoop intermediateCrescent moon to wineglass on armWineglass on arm
Hoop advancedFront amazon to bound optical split to wineglass  Bound optical split
Silks beginnerSplit fabric arabesque to nina’s trick gazelle to angelNina’s trick gazelle
Silks intermediateCandycane catchers to tinkerbell to gripperTinkerbell
Silks advancedSplit hocks climb to double knee tangle to NY crossbackDouble knee tangle
Sling beginnerDelilah to horse to hiplock ballHiplock ball
Sling intermediateHorse to knee corset to seatbeltSeatbelt
Sling advancedCrochet mount to single leg cradle to infinity cartwheel rollCrochet mount

Bonus content

Teachers tip

Got 5 minutes? Try our new for a micro tutorials! Watch out for another drop in the summer.

Pole micro tutorial

Marion Amber Entries and Exits – with Andrew Gregory

An introduction to marion amber for advanced pole students. Taught by Andrew, with tips and tricks to help you understand the mechanics of the skill and two different entry and exit options.

Hoop micro tutorial

Optical Splits – with Maria Stutt

Maria talks through her guide to optical splits and how to get the best camera angle for your photoshoot poses. This is a great skill to challenge experienced intermediate level students with.

Silks micro tutorial

Technique for Even Double Footlocks – with Michael McWilliam

Michael will take you through his most reliable teaching technique for even double footlocks to help you and your students get it right every time.

Sling micro tutorial

Cartwheel Common Problems – with Tamara Castle

Tamara breaks down this dynamic skill that can be introduced from intermediate level, explaining effective body alignment and weight distribution for smooth transitions.

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