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Spin City would like to thank our models who have contributed to the resources found here at Team Spin City. If you would like to book them for workshops or performances please see below for their contact details!

Aish Fae

Profile: Aish first tried pole at university in 2013 and started teaching Beginners in the society. She fell in love with how pole makes you feel strong, confident and gives you freedom to be creative. Aish’s love of learning has led her to complete her advance instructor, flexibility and Pilates qualifications and she now teaches at Spin City in Bristol. Her classes are fun and challenging, with her infectious enthusiasm always making people work hard, but they work hard with a smile.
Specialisms: Pole (all levels), Stretching and Flexibility, Pilates
Contact: Email -
Website: Instagram @Aish_fae

Ana Cerrato

Profile: Ana is an aerial artist and instructor based in Bristol, where she trained professionally in circus over ten years ago. She has since performed aerial acrobatics nationally and internationally in touring circuses and the corporate world. She now runs her own performance company, Mimosa Performance, and teaches regular aerial classes for all levels of ability.
Specialisms: Aerial Hoop, Silks, Hammock, Corde Lisse.
Available for: performances, workshops, private classes.

Amy Capper-Gorman

Profile:Classically trained as a dancer, Amy turned to the sky 8 years ago when she moved to Newbury, becoming part of the Spin City family. With a reputation for creative and accessible execution with her signature delivery style, Amy is proud to teach students and instructors nationwide through workshops and conventions. Amy also hosts and judges local and national competitions, and enjoys developing her style and approach to meet emerging trends in the industry.
Specialisms: Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks; combinations and creativity.
Available for: instruction, workshops and conventions - for event hosting as well as tuition and performance.

Becky Campey

Profile: Becky is professionally trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary Dance. Has worked as a Choreographer, Performer, Pilates and Group Fitness instructor, Personal Trainer and Performing arts tutor for Lancashire University. Becky opened Blush Dance Studios in 2008, delivering Pole & Burlesque Fitness Classes. In 2013 Becky added Aerial Hoop & Silks to the timetable. She completed PTTLS to develop Tutor and assessor knowledge and joined Spin City delivering instructor training courses nationally in 2014
Specialisms: Choreography for performance, competition or just for fun. I choreograph for you from blending your tricks together; filling in the dancey bits in between; solidifying the concept to the complete choreography from scratch.
Available for: Private Tuition in Aerial Hoop, Silks & Pole Fitness levels and Choreography.

Bexiita Pole

Profile: Bex first started pole classes in 2009 and immediately fell in love with the world of lycra, bruises and chrome. A born and bred south Londoner, Bex now resides in Kent where she opened her studio Revved Up Pole 2013. She also teaches workshops through the the UK, as well as performing, judging and compering UK pole events and competitions.

Specialisms: creative shapes and pole moves, photo shoots, splits and twerking.

Available for: pole workshops, private lessons, event hosting. 

Contact: Instagram – @bexiita_pole


Claire Andrews

Claire Andrews (ClaireLouisePole)

Profile:Claire has been part of the pole industry since 2011 as an instructor, performer, competitor and judge. Industry nominations include ‘Most Influential Individual’, ‘Outstanding Teacher’, ‘Star Role Model’ and ’Most Supportive’ as part of the PoleExcellence Awards at Pole World Festival. In 2018 she was nominated for Spin City Instructor of the Year. Claire is proud to be part of the Spin City family and the pole community
Fun fact: Claire has an NVQ 3 in British sign language.
Specialisms: Pole and Pole Silks
Available for: Performances, Workshops, Pole Parties, Private lessons.
Website: @clairelouisepole

Daniel Rosen

Profile: Daniel Rosen is the very proud owner of IFA and has been turning himself upside down and spinning round a pole since 2008. As the current holder of one international and 12 UK championship titles, Dan is a veritable fountain of pole-related knowledge. There's nothing he doesn't know about spins, tricks and getting flexible. Dan also travels extensively, teaching workshops right across the UK. He is very well known for his friendly, easy-to-understand teaching techniques and is famous within the pole industry for his signature tricks masterclass. Dan has no previous gymnastics, ballet or any kind of dance training and is living proof that you don't have to be a gymnast to be a good pole dancer.
Specialisms: Pole
Available for: Private lessons, workshops, 121 training and intensives

Edd Fletcher

Profile: Edd trains and Instructs at Pure-Studios Hereford which was founded by Annie Norris. He is obsessed with interesting shapes, transitions and movement styles, and his favourite this is to just get on the hoop and spin! Edd is a cat AND a dog person.
Specialisms: Hoop and Trapeze
Available for:Performances, Workshops and coaching
Website: Instagram @eddstephen

Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Profile: Emily has been pole dancing since 2006 and started teaching in 2008. She has gained a lot of experience and qualifications over her years of teaching and training, and absolutely loves helping others feel amazing about themselves. As well as teaching, Emily loves to perform and set up a well established show called Weird & Wonderful which is held yearly in Swindon, UK.
Specialisms: Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop & Aerial Silks
Available for: Bookings/enquiries for workshops or performances

Gabby Parker

Gabby Parker

Profile: Gabby trained as a professional circus artist at the National School in Paris specialising in Pair Acro. She spent 5 years running classes, workshops, retreats and conventions, helping over 1000 students worldwide to achieve their handstand goals. In 2017, Gabby published a book called ‘The Handstanding Yogi’ Now, she co-directs How To Handstand, providing high quality coaching for every body in the form of online courses.
Specialisms: Handstands, Partner Acrobatics (hand to hand)
Available for: Coaching, Workshops and Live Events

Gemma Lousie Rix

Profile: Gemma is an International Aerial performer who has been training and performing in Aerial arts for 7 Years. Starting her Career as a Dancer after graduating from Italia Conti in 2011 she was introduced to the Aerial world and then there was no keeping her on the ground. As well as performing Gemma has also Competed around the Country in Various Aerial and Pole Competitions. She teaches weekly classes and workshops up and down the UK but has a very firm base where her aerial teaching journey started at The Fitness Hangout in Godalming.
Specialisms: Aerial Hoop, Lollipop, Aerial Silks, Pole, Contortion/Stretch, Acrobatics, Dance.
Available for: performance work, workshops and cover classes.
Website: Instagram @gemmalouise_aerialist

Kassia Portas

Kassia Portas

Profile: Kassia Portas AKA 'The Pole Dancing Therapist', teaches the highest level pole dance classes at Spin City Bristol. She is a Sports Therapist and Pole Dance coach who is passionate about working with dancers to increase their strength, reduce their risk of injury and, overall, help them become a better pole dancer. Kassia runs a membership website, specialised for pole dancers, called The Online Portal. Here you can find strength and conditioning, pole dance tutorials for all levels & much more! On top of all this, Kassia also manages The Bristol Pole Championships, a friendly pole dance competition suitable for professionals and amateurs.
Specialisms: Pole Dance and Sports Therapy.
Available for: workshops, group classes and private lessons.
Contact: 07495926119

Lex Gumn

Profile: Lex began her pole and aerial journey in 2009 and has enjoyed learning Pole, Hoop, Trapeze, Silks and finally Sling which has remained her primary discipline since. Lex believes sling is the perfect apparatus for introducing aerials and is also challenging and dynamic enough for the most experienced of aerialist. She particularly loves dancing and discovery in the fabric including its vast 'open fabric' repertoire, which helps makes this discipline so unique. More recently Lex has enjoyed competing and performing and takes part in exotic pole as well as judging aerial competitions. She is a certified Liquid Motion instructor and uses this movement method not only in floor work but also transfers it into the air where it helps improve body awareness and quality of movement as well as increasing student self confidence.
Specialisms: Aerial Sling, Exotic Pole & Pole Flow and certified Liquid Motion instructor.
Available for: Private tuition for individuals and small groups, Workshops and One-off taster classes.

Nadine Mireille Parkes

Profile: Nadine is a former Army Officer who has had a life long interest in fitness, she started life as an Aerobics Instructor before joining the Army where she went on to undertake a number of fitness qualifications. Nadine now works in fitness full time, she currently teaches Pole, Yoga and Functional Conditioning at Spin City Newbury.
Specialisms: Pole, Flex and Strength
Available for: private classes in Pole, Yoga, Functional Conditioning and Strength
Contact: via website below

Rachel Mayes

Profile: Rachel began her training into the circus world at Spin City Bristol, shortly followed by attending a six month circus course in London and then a three year degree at Circomedia where she gained a BA in Contemporary Circus & Physical Performance. Rachel has traveled around the UK over the past five years performing her acts and teaching workshops and masterclasses at various events and aerial studios. (She also almost always brings homemade cakes to her workshops as a little post lesson treat for the students!)
Specialisms: Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Tippy Hoop & Hula Hoop
Available for: Workshops, private lessons and performances

Sally Lamacraft-Perrett

Profile: Sally found aerial arts in her early 20s and now cannot imagine her life without it. She loves teaching and training at Spin City Newbury and is proud to be part of Team Spin City. She is known for her love of belay tricks in silks and inventive sequences.
Specialisms: Aerial Silks and Aerial Sling.

Stefani Kate Fisher

Profile: Stefani started pole dancing in 2011 at Spin City Newbury and in 2012 became an instructor. She teaches all levels of pole and pole fabric at Spin City Newbury as well as assessing for Spin City Instructor Training and working on the pole bible projects. She is best known with her students for strength moves, conditioning and a love for interesting and stamina building combos.
Specialisms: Pole at all levels and Pole Fabric
Available for: Private lessons, group lessons and workshops
Contact: Instagram - mrs_s.k.fisher

Steph Townsend

Profile: Steph grew up in Newbury, Berkshire before relocating to Norwich in 2016. Steph is a professionally trained dancer who gained a First Class Honours degree at Coventry University, studying a BA (Hons) Dance Making and Performance. Throughout her degree, Steph continued to teach students aged 3-18years. She was also fortunate enough to gain valuable experience teaching children with physical, mental and hearing disabilities. After qualifying as a Yoga Instructor in 2014, Steph developed an interest in Aerial Yoga and Aerial Hoop. After attending regular classes, Steph trained to be an Aerial Yoga Instructor with Wild Lotus Studio in 2015. Later that year she completed her Sun & Moon Partner and Community Yoga Teacher Training. Lastly, in July 2018, she completed her Beginners Aerial Hoop Teacher Training with Spin City Aerial Fitness.
Specialisms: Dance, Yoga, Aerial Sling, Aerial Hoop & Aerial Yoga
Available for: bookings/enquiries for performances, workshops etc.

Yasmin Strong

Profile: Yasmin comes from a circus family, so it seems her passion for acrobatics is in the blood! She runs a Yoga & Wellbeing studio in Wallingford, Oxfordshire called Grace & Gravity Studio. Alongside this, she teaches yoga in schools and private sessions for Aerial Yoga and Aerial Hoop. She works alongside Flying Fantastic (London) to deliver Aerial Yoga Teacher Training!
Specialisms: Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop, Acro, Yoga, Family & Kids Yoga.
Available for: Workshops, 1-2-1s, Parties and Aerial Yoga Teacher Training.

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