Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you were looking for, please feel free to contact us directly!

Free Content

Our free videos are available to all site visitors without a subscription. These are representative of content you will find in our video libraries. All content is intended for use by certified instructors.

Cancellation Terms

You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time. Whether you are a monthly or annual subscriber you must give at least one month’s written notice by emailing spincityaerialfitness@gmail.com. Membership will end 30 days following notification, annual subscribers will receive a refund on a pro rata basis for any full months remaining.

What is actually included in my membership?

Membership of TeamSpinCity.com provides you with access to all site content, including:

  • Core video content – the Spin City syllabus for Pole, Aerial Hoop Aerial Sling and Aerial Silks, divided into Beginners/Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
  • Additional video content for the above disciplines including new moves, and combinations, divided into levels.
  • Instructor workshop videos including Pole Fabric, Pole Flow and Grounded Hoop.
  • Stretching & Flexibility and Strength & Conditioning videos.
  • Access to downloadable documents, which comply with UK legislation, to support self-employed instructors and studio managers.

Subscribers will also receive exclusive information and offers via a monthly newsletter and a 10% discount on the Spin City Bibles range and individual Spin City Instructor Training Courses.

Can I access the videos on my iPhone, iPad and Laptop?

Team Spin City videos can be accessed via any device with a wifi or mobile data connection. If accessing on a mobile device the videos are best viewed in landscape. It is possible to pinch zoom to view the videos full screen.

Can I share my login with a friend or colleague?

Each login is for individual use only, as per our full terms and conditions agreed to during the sign-up process.

Where can I access the terms and conditions?

You can access the full terms and conditions for the Team Spin City site here, or in the footer of each page.

Can I download the videos?

Team Spin City videos are not downloadable but can be viewed 24/7 on our site.

When and how should I be using the videos?

The videos included on this website are intended as a resource for certified instructors to support professional development. These videos should be used to complement formal training and do not constitute training in and of themselves.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the downloadable documents?

All written documentation found in this section is designed to comply with UK legislation.

It is the responsibility of the site member to check that the documents provided meet their needs prior to use. Spin City gives permission for these documents to be amended as required to support this.

Iā€™m experiencing technical issues with the site ā€“ what can I do?

If you are having trouble accessing the site, or viewing membership content please contact us via email on spincityaerialfitness@gmail.com.

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