Free Videos

Our free preview videos will give you an idea of what to expect if you become a member of Team Spin City.

Beginners Pole Core Content
Beginners Pole Additional Content
Beginners Hoop Core Content
Beginners Hoop Additional Content
Beginners Sling Core Content
Beginners Sling Additional Content
Foundation Silks Core Content
Foundation Silks Additional Content
Intermediate Pole Core Content
Intermediate Pole Additional Content
Intermediate Hoop Core Content
Intermediate Hoop Additional Content
Intermediate Sling Core Content
Intermediate Sling Additional Content
Aerial Silks Additional Content
Advanced Pole Core Content
Advanced Pole Additional Content
Advanced Hoop Core Content
Advanced Hoop Additional Content
Advanced Aerial Sling Core Content
Spinning Pole
Pole Fabric
Pole Flow
Grounded Hoop
Warm ups
Strength and Conditioning
Stretching and Flexibility
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