Feeling Brand New

January 2024 content release article

The New Year has arrived! At this symbolic time of fresh starts we’ll be bringing you a new-look Team Spin City, with curated content around a monthly theme. Along with our classic combo content we’ll be bringing you technique tips, micro tutorials from our guest contributors and advice on how to implement each month’s content into your planning.

Kicking off the new format, our theme is ‘feeling brand new’; we’ll look at planning tips for the New Year, wherever your clients are at in their pole or aerial journey. Our combo content will draw from the Spin City core syllabus – showcasing moves that are all included in the Spin City Instructor Training Programme.

Check out the preview of this month’s content or click the images in the grid below to see the full videos (videos will open in a new tab – requires a full membership, please login to view full release content).

Combo content

Discipline/levelCombinationFeatured move
Pole beginnerBallerina to side spin with leg variationBallerina
Pole intermediateSide climb to flatline to vivaViva
Pole advancedStraddle invert to viva to open allegraAllegra
Hoop beginnerScissor seat to side star to delilahScissor seat
Hoop intermediateSplits in the hoop to pencil shoulder stand to single hocks slide.Single hocks slide
Hoop advancedSingle knee pop drop to reverse entry delilah to millwheel Millwheel
Silks beginnerSingle footlock to hip lean to arabesqueArabesque
Silks intermediateBicycle climb to hiplock to tourniquetBicycle climb
Silks advancedS-wrap to propeller to miracle splitsPropeller
Sling beginnerStraddle to single leg cradle to inside star.Single leg cradle
Sling intermediatePull over mount, thread through to horse, single leg roll under to thigh wrap back balanceThigh wrap
Sling advancedBody wrap roll to cradle to around the worldBody wrap roll

Teachers tip

Every New Year, we dive into fitness resolutions, dreaming of healthier routines. As we step into 2024 together many clients will be stepping through the studio door for the very first time. They may be brand new to the world of pole and aerial, new to your studio or even simply coming back after a busy December with all the disruptions that the festive season brings.

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