Core and Shoulder Stability

The benefits of training the stabilising muscles of our core and shoulders are as significant to our everyday life as they are to our pole and aerial training. But how can we fit even more training into an already busy life? Starting with the basics and keeping it simple, of course! The beauty of stability exercises is that they can be effective when worked on little and often, so they don’t necessarily need their own workout. You can work these exercises into your daily routine or make them part of larger training session.

Basic guidelines

Some basic guidelines for stability exercises:

  • These exercises can be done on most days of the week, but even performed once or twice a week can make a difference.
  • 1-2 sets is often adequate, but you can build up to more reps and 3 sets over time.
  • Pick an intensity that is not too challenging. You should be a little tired by the end of a set but still able to comfortably maintain technique.
  • The spine should stay neutral, if the back is coming out of a alignment (rounding, arching or hitching to the side) reduce the range of movement or intensity of the exercise.

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