October – 2021 Updates

October is Team Spin City’s 2nd year anniversary! As promised, the bumper video content continues with 10 hoop videos this month, and we’ll round off next month with extra silks and sling videos.

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October Document Download

This month our download rounds up five key considerations when teaching one-to-one classes in comparison to teaching group classes. We’ll take a look at:

  1. Teaching position
  2. Delivery style
  3. Observing and correcting
  4. Voice projection and body language
  5. Alternative options/progressions

Tips From the Professionals

This month Robin De Meyere returns with tips for running and collaborating with a successful university society.

In this video, Robin will cover:

  • Marketing tips – including how to engage and retain students via social media.
  • Financial tips – ideas for funding via sponsorship, and the importance of instructor contracts.
  • Managing your committee – building a working relationship that includes a personal touch.
  • Competitions – particularly the IUPDC (Inter University Pole Dancing Competition)
  • Collaborating with local university clubs – to build your own studio clientele long-term
  • Inclusivity – building a diverse committee and student base and listening to the voices they bring to your club.
  • Using your platform – supporting the wider pole community and helping to shape a wider understanding of all facets of pole.
  • Making connections – get to know other university pole society presidents.
  • Building an alumni network – keeping in touch with your committee members and students after they’ve graduated.
Running an Collaborating with a Successful University Society


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