June – 2022 Updates

June is here and we’re officially half-way into the year! We have a new tutorial feature to introduce this month – Mini Masterclasses. This resource will alternate with the Tips from the Pros videos, providing you with tutorials from industry professionals, breaking down techniques from basic pole spins to dynamic aerial moves and everything in between!

Kicking off the series we’ll start with one of Andi Active Cherry Ariseanu’s signature beginners pole flows.

Looking for more pole flow inspiration? Check out our document download, taken from our brand new Pole Flow Instructor Course; suitable for pole instructors of all levels, this course will show you how to break down and teach key pole flow transitions and build sequences of your own to challenge students of all levels. Get 25% off the full price if you buy any time in June!

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Straddle Lean to Pirouette Spin to Barrel Roll to Floor Jade

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June Document Download

Creating Pole Flow for Mixed Ability Classes.

This excerpt taken from our new Pole Flow Instructor Course covers an overview how pole flow can be beneficial to your classes and students, 10 examples of objectives for pole flow to help spark inspiration, and a breakdown of lesson timings to help you incorporate flow into a regular pole fitness class.

Tips From the Professionals: Mini Masterclass

Introducing our Mini Masterclass series, Andi will talk us through one of her signature pole flows for beginner pole students.

Andi has been involved in the pole and aerial industry since the dinosaurs roamed the planet and considers herself a Pole OG. She absolutely loves all styles of pole and aerial and loves to perform as well as watch others. She teaches from her studio in Eastbourne, in person and online with a huge variety of classes and workshops. She loves to meet new people, especially to guide them on their pole and aerial journey and help them to achieve new milestones. 

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