Don’t Skip the Basics

How many times have you heard someone say ‘don’t skip the basics’? This phrase gets thrown around a lot and for good reason, as they help keep us healthy and minimise the risks of injury.

It’s tempting to try to maximise our studio time by skipping out on the exercises that can end up having the most positive impact on our performance. It can also be overwhelming trying to decide exactly what to include even if we do want to work on stability exercises. With that in mind we’ll be taking a look the strength and stability of the core and shoulders, which are fundamental to pole and aerial skills at all levels.

Each video in the combo content has a specific focus on strength and stability of the core and shoulders. Our teachers tips will take looks at why the core and shoulders are so important to pole and aerial and provide you with a short series of floor-based exercises that can be incorporated into studio or home training. 

Check out the preview of this month’s content or click the images in the grid below to see the full videos (videos will open in a new tab – requires a full membership, please login to view full release content).

Combo content

Discipline/levelCombinationFeatured core move
Pole beginnerCartwheel to seat to prayer slidePrayer slide
Pole intermediateCross ankle release to pencil to bow and arrow to iguana dismountBow and arrow
Pole advanced Shoulder mount to thigh hold to flatline scorpio to ayesha thread through to genieAyesha
Hoop beginnerSplits away to birdie to half trash canSplits away
Hoop intermediatePike in the hoop to hocks hang on the top bar to scarab forwards and backwards.Scarab
Hoop advancedInside out split to russian split to inside out split on the opposite side to cradle slideInside out splits
Silks beginnerCabot circus to crucifix splits to iron crossIron cross
Silks intermediateNina’s trick gazelle to music box to belayMusic box
Silks advancedBack balance to flag to double ankle hangFlag
Sling beginnerMan in the moon to coffin to secretary seatCoffin
Sling intermediateOF pull over mount to vampire to OF single leg roll upVampire
Sling advancedCrucifix to sword stand, roll into crossback straddleCrossback straddle

Teachers tip

Let’s take a look at why the core and shoulders are so important to pole and aerial.

When it comes to pole and aerial, they demand a much stronger and more functional core compared to most activities. The core itself is more than just the abs; it includes the pelvis, ribcage, and spine, serving as the limbs’ connection to the body.  Strengthening the core provides the stability and strength that allow us to do incredibly challenging movements with our arms and legs.

Now let’s think about the shoulders, they do a lot more than you’d think. They’ve got a tough job in pole and aerial, needing to be flexible, stable, and strong to handle all the tasks you throw at them. They help with powerful moves, keep other body parts steady, and with the right training, can give you the range to nail some really impressive moves.

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