Building Blocks and Progress Chains

March 2024 content release article

If you’ve taken a Spin City Instructor Course, you’ll already know that we love to break down skills into their foundational elements. We use these building blocks to create progress chains that provide a skill pathway, setting students up for success.

This month’s combo content will show how progress chains work across levels and our teachers tip will give you our top 5 reasons to use them.

Looking for something a bit different? Check out our bonus content for new moves and variations.

Combo content

Discipline/levelCombinationFeatured move
Pole beginnerInvert prep leg switchesLeg switch
Pole intermediateStraddle invert to gemini to scorpioGemini to scorpio
Pole advancedClimb to aerial invert, twisted grip ayesha to scorpio, swing to gemini Scorpio swing to gemini
Hoop beginnerDelilah switch via side straddleSide straddle
Hoop intermediateAround the world to delilah switch via side straddle.Around the world
Hoop advancedStraddle around the world to front balanceStraddle around the world
Silks beginnerMermaid to double footlock splits to beaman sit.Double footlock splits
Silks intermediateMusic box to double footlock splits to cross back straddle to crossback triangleCrossback triangle
Silks advancedGeorgia twist to crossback straddle to crossback planche to belayCrossback planche
Sling beginnerStraddle to ball to crochet climb over to goddess to thread the needleCrochet climb over
Sling intermediateBasic slack drop to cartwheel salto to hiplock half dropBasic slack drop
Sling advancedDouble crochet double crucifix slide to corset wrap to single crochetSlide to corset wrap

Bonus content

Teachers tip

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